Laura Bennett Writes

Copywriter, content writer, and editor

Looking for creative, compelling, and quality content that informs readers and converts customers? You've come to the right place.

How I can help

Long-form, optimised articles

AI is a hot topic in content right now, but is it good enough to create detailed and insightful long-form content? No — but I can. I create top-quality content that avoids waffle, provides value, and offers an original perspective.

Website and conversion copy

People landing on your website need to understand what you do, why you’re unique, and why they should choose you. I can craft clear and concise website copy that delivers in all these areas, nurturing potential customers and building your brand reputation.

Tone of voice and style guides

Consistency is key when establishing and growing a business. Work with me to create a single source of truth that represents your brand values and standardises content across the board.

Editing existing or AI content

Looking for someone to optimise existing blogs or edit large chunks of AI text? I can edit all your content to improve grammar, align with your brand guidelines, and provide value to potential customers.

What my clients have to say

"Laura is fantastic to work with. Her work is always thoroughly researched and well thought out, she asks great questions and doesn't hesitate to flag potential issues or gaps in the instructions to ensure she's delivering exactly what you're looking for.

⁠Laura's final deliverables are always top quality and I've never hesitated to give her even our most challenging and highest priority assignments."

Jessica Everitt

Senior Director of Content Production

"Laura has been a credit to Ascend's projects over the last 24 months; Laura is punctual, commits to time windows on work completion and has always understood the objectives and delivered premium levels of work.

⁠I look forward to working with Laura again in the future."

Tom Morgan


"Laura is a pleasure to work with. Her quality of work is top-notch and is constantly improving and adapting to our processes."

Tom Whatley

Founder & CEO

"I have worked with Laura for over a year now, she's a great copywriter, as well as organised and efficient."

Aron Lewis

Growth & Marketing Lead

"Laura has been an invaluable asset, consistently delivering exceptional quality blogs. What truly sets Laura apart is not just the quality of the content, but her remarkable communication and responsiveness. She approaches each project with enthusiasm and professionalism, and her ability to promptly address comments and edits ensures a seamless collaboration process. Laura's flexibility and adaptability is really appreciated. She readily embraces new ideas and challenges, consistently delivering outstanding results regardless of the topic or scope of the project. Her dedication to excellence is evident in every piece she produces."

Daisy O’Malley Glynn

Content and Social Media Marketing Manager

"Laura is a rare gem. She is creative and organised. All the creative flair and ideas you need, but also really good at project management, communications and clear plans. I think this makes her an ideal person to work with and would 100% recommend her to anyone. She's also smart and versatile across industries - a real asset."

Arek Estall

SEO and UX Consultant

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Laura Bennett Writes

What I've been up to

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